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The future of surgery is more efficient. LivsMed envisions a new standard of minimally invasive care where advanced technology is available to every surgeon and healthcare provider. We open new possibilities through surgical innovation and revolutionary technology

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Monopolar Scissors

Laparoscopic dissection with precision like never before

Not Available for Sale in the United States

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Not Available for Sale in the United States

ArtiSential in Your Hands

format_quoteOne of the benefits of the ArtiSential instruments is what I call the articulating advantage. ArtiSential articulates in a way where you can find any vector that you need.format_quote
Dr. Ramon E. Yera, MD
Minimally Invasive GYN Surgeon, Los Angeles, CA
format_quoteOnce I had the instrument, laparoscopically, that increased degrees of motion for me. I didn’t have to compromise. I can get whatever angle I want, any direction I want so I feel much more confident.format_quote
Dr. Charles D. Procter Jr., MD
format_quoteArtiSential opens a whole new dimension of surgical quality in laparoscopic surgery by enabling precise, delicate dissection and superior accessibility.format_quote
Dr. Ibrahim Darwich, MD

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