Articulation is Essential: First in Cardiovascular Surgery Implementation of 360° Surgeon-Powered Robotic Instruments

Jan 25, 2022

Since the development of endoscopic vision in the late 1970s, the implementation of minimally invasive surgical methods has been rapidly progressing throughout a wide range of surgical disciplines, including cardiovascular surgery. The benefits of minimally invasive procedures including a reduction in operative trauma and postoperative morbidity, have been well-documented and compared to open-heart procedures, eventually becoming the preferred modality of treatment by many centers. Due to the cost ineffectiveness of the robotic systems for numerous institutions, new technologies have been developed to provide the advantages of robotic surgical systems at a lower price, thus making them more widely available. In this paper, we aimed to share our first experiences with Artisential® surgeon-powered robotic instruments and review their general advantages compared to conventional and robotic devices.

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