ArtiSential-Assisted Gynecological Surgery

ArtiSential provides advantages during complex gynecological procedures while operating in small spaces, at angles that are not easily accessible.

Major Gynecological Procedures with ArtiSential

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Total Laparoscopic Hysterectomy (TLH)

  • Enables flexible approach for optimal incisions during colpotomy
  • Minimizes the risk of ureteral injury by curving along the uterus
  • Allows perpendicular approach when securing and transecting ovarian vessels and uterine arteries
  • Creates perfect triangulation to overcome challenges of suturing during vaginal cuff closure
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  • Dissect uterine fibroids with precision
  • Use wristed movements to sew defects closed
  • Create smooth lines of cautery
  • Minimize contact and injury to lining and wall of the uterus with manipulation of articulating end effector

Other Gynecological Procedures with ArtiSential


  • Excise endometriotic lesions and nodules with precision
  • Meticulously dissect along the peritoneum


  • Use articulation for smooth posterior dissection of peritoneum from vagina
  • Make intricate movements to maneuver mesh
  • Secure vaginal apex to sacrum with wristed sewing movements

Ovarian Cystectomy

  • Preserve more healthy ovarian tissue
  • Excise endometrioma wall and endometrial lesions with less damage to ovarian reserve
  • Coagulate at angles that are difficult to reach
  • Strip cyst with precision to reduce damage to ovarian tissue


  • Grasp and expose fallopian tube for an uncomplicated excision

Example Hysterectomy Steps with ArtiSential

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